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ProSPER.Net Sustainability Forum

TOKYO & ONLINE: The event will focus on the ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis on the provision of inclusive and equitable quality education.



Forum Examines Evolving Role of Higher Education in Achieving the SDGs

The event discussed challenges and opportunities for higher education to accelerate recovery from COVID-19 and implement the 2030 Agenda.

19 Jul 2023


HLPF Side Event Discusses Lessons from COVID-19 for Sustainable Recovery

The session discussed how to better understand, assess, and manage systemic recovery.

13 Jul 2023


Building Citizen Science Intelligence for Pandemic Preparedness and Response: Needs Assessment and Pilot Implementation 

This project focuses on the need to establish collective intelligence capabilities involving all stakeholders in dealing with a pandemic.

12 Jul 2023

Adam Habib SOAS

Conversation Series

Reimagining Higher Education for a Complex World