Urgent Steps Needed for Equitable Vaccine Manufacturing, Say Experts

Experts stress urgent actions for equitable vaccine production and access.

Date Published
2 Sep 2023
Nina Schwalbe Ole Kristian Aars

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a global health crisis of unprecedented scale, swift vaccine development has been witnessed. However, equitable distribution of these vital vaccines has remained a challenge. Authors Ole Kristian Aars and Nina Schwalbe, in their article "Bold moves for vaccine manufacturing equity," present urgent measures for achieving fairness in vaccine production.

The article advocates for immediate actions to create a more balanced production ecosystem. It emphasizes stronger equitable access provisions linked to public-sector investment in research, coupled with transparency and technology transfer requirements. Moreover, regulatory and procurement authorities in high-income countries are urged to include access provisions for low-income countries during approval and purchasing processes. The authors highlight the need for advanced purchase agreements and upfront subsidies to bolster new manufacturers in low-income and middle-income countries, promoting competition in the vaccine production landscape.

To read the full article and delve into the suggested measures, please follow this link to the original article.

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