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Announcement 13 May 2024

Gender and Health Hub’s Core Working Group (CWG)

The GHH's CWG consists of members with extensive policy and research expertise and plays an important role in shaping the priorities of the Hub.

Announcement 13 May 2024

Gender and Health Hub’s High-Level Advisory Committee

The Gender and Health Hub is steered by a distinguished High-Level Advisory Committee.

News 03 May 2024

The notion of consent in the UN Treaty Bodies’ general comments and jurisprudence

UNU-IIGH, ICJ & HRP explore consent in sexual conduct and healthcare through human rights standards

News 03 May 2024

Informed consent in sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services: a global scoping review of qualitative studies

UNU-IIGH and HRP’s new research explores notion and complexities of consent in SRH

News 30 Apr 2024

UNU-IIGH Enhances Health Policy and System Research Capacities in the Global South

WHO-TDR Implementation Research Regional Training Center, MOOCs and short courses that target public health research and implementers in LMICs.

News 08 Mar 2024

Prioritizing Women’s Health Amidst Polycrises: A Call to Action

New opinion piece in The BMJ underscores urgent need to invest in women’s health amidst overlapping crises.

News 07 Mar 2024

New Research Presents Framework for Feminist Global Health Policy

This study underscores the importance of intersectional, participatory approaches to dismantle power structures for a more equitable global health.

News 09 Jan 2024

Addressing Inequalities in Global Health: UNU-IIGH Introduces Strategic Plan 2024-2028

UNU-IIGH Strategic Plan 2024-2028 Addressing Inequalities in Global Health

Press Release 01 Nov 2023

Rethinking Quality: UNU-convened Experts Challenge the Harmful Influence of Global University Rankings

An important statement by an Independent Expert Group is now available, addressing the challenges associated with global university rankings.

News 05 Oct 2023

Advancing an Anti-Colonial Agenda to Decolonise Global Health Paradigms

Discover a bold vision to challenge colonial legacies in global health and explore how redefining power dynamics can reshape healthcare equitably.