Projects at UNU-IIGH

UNU IIGH experts providing a training session.
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Catalysing Policy Improvement in Africa

This project aims to improve policy outputs in the areas of maternal, newborn, sexual and reproductive health across five African countries.

05 Dec 2023


Advancing Gender Equality in Health: Expanding voices, evidence, and time horizons for change

To support gender-responsive change within systems and sectors, this project will deliver a thematic issue of 'Health Research Policy and Systems'.

05 Dec 2023


Scoping and recommendations related to gender language, and documenting good practice in engaging civil society

This project will contribute to WHO's work to address health inequities and strengthen the capacity of health experts in delivering on global health.

17 Sep 2022


Update of WHO Gender Mainstreaming Manual

This project will oversee the updating of a key handbook on gender for health workers, promoting non-binary concepts and intersectionality.

25 May 2022


Decolonising Global Health

This project calls to decolonise global health and address contemporary forms of neo-colonialism and power asymmetries in global health.

03 Feb 2022


Gender and Health Policy Hub

This project aims to develop a network of policy-makers, academics, and practitioners to promote policy-relevant research on gender and global health.

03 Sep 2020


Malaysian Audit of GBV Response, commissioned by UNFPA

This project aims to assess gender-based violence responses by healthcare services in Malaysia, to inform recommendations for improvement.

03 Dec 2020


Evidence, Policy and Interventions for Covid-19 Tracker

This project aims to provide an inventory of public health, economic, social, and community measures taken to respond to COVID-19 in all countries.

26 Apr 2020


Gender and Global Health: Lancet Commission

This project aims to generate evidence and knowledge on how to best develop and implement policies for achieving gender equality and health equity.

30 Jun 2020


Convening at IIGH

This project intends to convene policy dialogues and to serve as a hub and platform for exploring issues related to global health.

03 Nov 2020


Gender Scan of UNDP HIV, TB and Malaria programmes funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria

This project aims to assess the gender responsiveness of UNDP’s portfolio of Global Fund grants and provide recommendations for future grants.

29 Oct 2019


Gender and Digital Health

This project aims to establish an open-innovation cluster for research and policy with a focus on gender, health, and access to digital technologies.

30 Nov 2019