Gender Scan of UNDP HIV, TB and Malaria programmes funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria

This project aims to assess the gender responsiveness of UNDP’s portfolio of Global Fund grants and provide recommendations for future grants.

Date Published
29 Oct 2019
Expected Start Date
16 Sep 2019
Expected End Date
31 Jul 2022
Project Type
Project Status

The need for gender-responsive programming that is designed to manoeuvre and transform the socio-structural dynamics that contribute to unequal access to health resources, has received a lot of academic attention in global health. However, there is comparatively lesser assessments of the scope, scale and ways these activities are implemented, tracked and financed particularly in LMIC settings, and by multilateral or private donor funding.

The objective of this project was to assess the gender responsiveness of UNDP's portfolio of Global Fund grants, and provide recommendations for future grants. Both the UNDP and the Global Fund emphasise the need for a gender-responsive approach in grant-making and health programming. 

Methodologically, this involved desk review and analysis of key documents from 30 grants, based on UNU-IIGH’s 4I assessment framework (issues, intervention in included population, investments and implementation), and a deeper dive into five countries through in-depth case studies in Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Chad, Cuba and Djibouti.