Decolonising Global Health

This project calls to decolonise global health and address contemporary forms of neo-colonialism and power asymmetries in global health.

Date Published
3 Feb 2022
Expected Start Date
01 Jan 2021
Expected End Date
31 Dec 2023
Project Status

Over the past few years, calls to decolonise global health have developed momentum amongst a wide group of actors concerned with rebalancing or reversing the impacts of colonial histories, as well as addressing contemporary forms of neo-colonialism and power asymmetries in global health. Moving towards a more de-colonial and equitable system of governance, funding, research and practice is not only a moral issue, but also one that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the global health system. Presently the ‘decolonising global health’ agenda consists of a loose network of individuals, organisations and projects involving a range of actors. UNU-IIGH is well-positioned to help coordinate this network and convene a sub-set of initiatives aimed at generating positive change and impact.

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