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Blog Post

What we mean by colonialism & coloniality

Here we describe our use of the terms colonialism and coloniality and how this informs our work.

03 May 2024


Decolonising global health research: Shifting power for transformative change

New PLOS Global Public Health article reveals how power imbalances undermine equitable health research policies, practices and outcomes.

25 Apr 2024


New Research Presents Framework for Feminist Global Health Policy

This study underscores the importance of intersectional, participatory approaches to dismantle power structures for a more equitable global health.

07 Mar 2024


Webinar: Statement of the Independent Expert Group on Global University Rankings

ONLINE: On 16 and 17 November, UNU-IIGH will host three seminars exploring the recently released Statement on Global University Rankings.


Press Release

Rethinking Quality: UNU-convened Experts Challenge the Harmful Influence of Global University Rankings

An important statement by an Independent Expert Group is now available, addressing the challenges associated with global university rankings.

01 Nov 2023

Working Paper

World-class Education? Interrogating the Biases and Coloniality of Global University Rankings

UNU-IIGH is announces the formation of an Independent Expert Group (IEG) to discuss global university rankings.

27 Feb 2023

Journal Article

Investing in public health systems is a global common good

These common goods for health are fundamental to protecting and promoting health and wellbeing.

14 Oct 2022


Who benefits from undermining breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding's decline, driven by CMF companies' aggressive marketing, poses major public health issues.

01 Oct 2022