UNU-IIGH presents new work on Power and Accountability with webinar and working paper series

The work package is one of four introduced in UNU-IIGH's 2024-2028 strategic plan, Addressing Inequalities in Global Health.

On Thursday the 6th of June, UNU-IIGH hosted the first of three Power and Accountability webinars, accompanied by the release of two foundational publications. 

Building on the decolonising global health work initiated under the 2019–2023 Strategic Plan, the Power and Accountability programme of work contributes to UNU-IIGH's mission as an independent think tank within the UN system to reduce health inequalities and promote equitable shifts in power. Efforts and initiatives within this work package include a focus on correcting the accountability deficits of key global health actors and advancing the perspectives and needs of states and populations in the Global South. 

The work package was presented by research lead, Prof. David McCoy, during the “Power and Accountability: Shaping Governance for Global Health Equity” webinar, which featured panellists Anuradha Joshi (Institute of Development Studies), Marta Schaaf (Amnesty International), and Alicia Ely Yamin (Harvard Law School and Partners In Health). The first in a series of three, this webinar explored the inter-relationship between power, accountability, and global health governance, and discussed how critical accountability deficits across the global health systems may be addressed. Interested parties may find a recording of the webinar here, as well as register for the next webinar here

The webinar was accompanied by the announcement of two new publications: 

Meeting Report | The Expert Group Meeting on the Accountability of Powerful Private Actors in Global Health: This formative meeting for our Power & Accountability programme discussed the role and impacts of powerful private actors on global health and has helped inform our five-year work plan. 

Working Paper | Global Health Governance and the Challenge of Holding Power to Account: The first in a forthcoming series, this paper provides an overview of the intersections between governance, power and accountability across the global health governance system and informs our approach to improving global health through enhanced accountability.

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