Ansari, Tiffany Nassiri  photo black and white

Tiffany Nassiri Ansari

Research Associate

B.A., Gender and Global Studies, Monash University Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur
Contacts @t_nassiri LinkedIn

Tiffany Nassiri-Ansari holds a Bachelor’s in Arts and Social Sciences from Monash University Malaysia, where she graduated top of her class with a double major in Global Studies and Gender Studies. She has five years of experience working in research, communications, and administration. 

Tiffany's work for UNU-IIGH centers around decolonial feminism, complementing her personal research interest in the intersections of inequities. She supports the Institute's programme of work on Decolonising Global Health, coordinates the IIGH-HARPS thematic issue on "Advancing Gender Equality in Health", and serves as a member of the Lancet Commission on Gender and Global Health's Secretariat. 


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