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New Senior Research Assistants at UNU Institute in Macau

With Economics, Politics and Technology background, new researchers Don Rodney Junio and Dhaval Modi will bring fresh knowledge to UNU Macau.

07 Feb 2018


The Flip from Fraught Use to Assumed Mobile Use

UNU Macau researcher Juhee Kang delivered a talk based on her research about the mobile use among North Korean women in South Korea.

30 Jan 2018


Gender Equality Featured by UNU Sustainable Development Explorer

Led by UNU Macau, the EQUALS Research Group is an important research partnership addressing SDG#5.

28 Jan 2018


New Visiting Research Assistant

Catriona Craven-Matthews will be visiting research assistant of UNU Macau. She focuses on human rights, migration, gender, and human trafficking.

24 Jan 2018