International Workshop | Ethical AI: Pioneering Progress in the Asia-Pacific

The workshop, organised by UNU-IIST in collaboration with UNESCO and University of Macau, aims to facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue around AI.

- Asia/Macau

In the unfolding era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), marked by the broader Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), intricate questions emerge at the intersections of ethics, politics, law, and economics. The transformative impact of AI, particularly generative models like ChatGPT, is automating tasks and generating content, promising substantial economic gains. Yet, this innovation brings ethical challenges, from data bias to misinformation. Recognizing the urgency for ethical oversight, UNU-IIST, in collaboration with UNESCO and the University of Macau, is delighted to host the international workshop titled "Ethical AI: Pioneering Progress in the Asia-Pacific". This workshop aims to facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue, uniting experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to explore the ethical dimensions of AI and seeks to catalyze collective efforts toward responsible AI development and deployment in the region. 



The full-day event took place in two venues: the University of Macau, in the morning; and UNU-IIST, in the afternoon.