Jaimee Stuart

Jaimee Stuart

Senior Researcher

PhD, Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington
MSc, Cross-cultural Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington
BA (Hons), Psychology, University of Canterbury
UNU Macau

Jaimee Stuart is a Cultural and Developmental Psychologist and Senior Researcher at the United Nations University Institute in Macau.

Jaimee's research focuses on positive development for children, youth and their families. She is particularly interested in understanding developmental processes as they play out in contemporary contexts – those where there is extensive connection and engagement with technology, exposure to diversity, and experiences of global health and climate risks. Jaimee’s work has a specific focus on empowerment for those who are minorities (cultural, religious, gender and sexual orientation) as well as those who experience inflated risk factors (e.g., exposure to violence, low socio-economic status, displacement).

Jaimee’s past work has explored the relationships between social-ecological systems (e.g., family, peers, community, geography, and wider social systems) and health, wellbeing, and identity for youth. She has expertise in acculturation studies and participatory community research, having worked with Indigenous, migrant, and refugee communities in settler societies. Her research also extends to digital contexts, examining cyberaggression and victimisation, online disinhibition, social media use, self-presentation, and social connection for young people online.

Before joining UNU-Macau Jaimee worked as the Research and Evidence Lead at Pathways in Place, Griffith University, Australia where her work focused on co-creating solutions with the community to address place-based disadvantage. She has also worked as an academic at Griffith University and Victoria University of Wellington in their respective Schools of Psychology where she taught into developmental, cultural, and methods courses as well as supervised Doctoral, Masters, and Honours students. Prior to this Jaimee was a Senior Evaluator for the Ministry of Defence (NZ) focusing on equity and engagement, and a Research Fellow in the School of Population Health at the University of Auckland.

Research Interests

  • Cyberpsychology and youth development

  • Digital Health and Wellbeing

  • Digital Youth Participation

  • Inclusion

  • Resilience and empowerment for marginalised and/or vulnerable populations


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