Geospatial, Climate and Infrastructure Analytics

Iraq floods 2018

Climate change, alongside increased natural and human-induced disasters, is profoundly affecting socioeconomic systems, environmental sustainability and security. Addressing these changes necessitate innovative tools and strategies for both mitigation and adaptation. Despite the digital revolution producing vast amounts of data such as satellite imagery, a significant gap exists among policymakers, particularly in the Global South, in utilizing this data to support sustainable development processes and initiatives.

The primary objective of this programme is to foster the utilization of data analytics for supporting interdisciplinary research, knowledge generation, policy support and capacity building for sustainable development, especially in the areas of reducing risk, enhancing resilience and ensuring security for water, environment, health and food. The programme aims to reduce data gaps by enhancing access to environmental, socioeconomic and climatic data, improving analytics in partnership with experts for deeper insights into risk, resilience and security, and developing high-impact training for data management and analytics.

The programme will collaborate with universities, academicians and professionals to establish knowledge hubs to disseminate existing data, tools and analytics, identify gaps, and build new tools and analytics, and synthesize data and information to generate knowledge products. These products will demonstrate evidence and enhance capacity through a dedicated training platform and on-site training in collaboration with various stakeholders.



Development of the Water Information Management System (WIMS) as part of the CReW+ Project

This project aims to develop a Water Information Management System with other partners for water-related data to inform national decision-making

31 Mar 2022


Information and data services and technology for sustainable water management

This project aims to develop and promote tools and services to provide the data and information needed for strategic water planning and management.

04 Aug 2020