Opportunities to learn about continental water resource challenges

Forest Water Monitoring Station, Southwest Mau Forest

Training and capacity development activities are an integral part of UNU-INWEH’s work. ​

Water Without Borders (WWB) collaborative graduate diploma programme​

A two-semester collaborative graduate diploma programme of UNU-INWEH and McMaster University. ​

  • Experiential and transdisciplinary learning.​
  • Professional and academic development.  ​
  • Water issues across geopolitical or disciplinary boundaries. ​

Online Learning Centre (LC) with several water-related specialized courses

WLC provides university students and practicing water professionals an opportunity to strengthen their capacity in several focused and multidisciplinary learning areas. ​

  • Courses are offered on a diverse range of water-focused topics on edX learning platform, free of cost with easy enrolment and appropriate course selection options. ​
  • Courses are available in several formats, including short courses for self-paced learning, course content for blended learning programs, and customized curriculum development.​
  • Some courses support capacity development activities to learn more about the operational aspects of specific tools. ​
  • Courses are peer-reviewed by a range of experts and are closely aligned with the UNU-INWEH strategic plan.​

Regional hubs of capacity development

Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain hosts UNU-INWEH’s hub for capacity development in the Arab Region. ​​​

  • Curriculum is customized to the water conditions and issues of the Arab region.​
  • Offers a Professional Diploma in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).  ​
  • Trains students, trainers, water professionals, and decision makers in water resources management within an IWRM framework.​
  • Identifies regional and country needs in water resources management​
  • Establishes regional electronic network of young water professionals.​

Vibrant in-house internship programme​

UNU-INWEH provides interns a chance to work in an international environment and experience first-hand the operations of the United Nations. ​​​

  • Interns interact with UNU-INWEH’s professional staff members of diverse expertise​
  • They contribute towards UNU-INWEH’s research and training projects conducted in different parts of the world.​
  • Internships could be virtual or in-person. ​
  • Interns are required to make a 3-month (minimum) to 6-month (maximum) full-time commitment. Part-time internships are also considered under specific conditions.  ​
  • Interns are recruited through a competitive application process through specific internship vacancy announcements. ​