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K-Eco Global Net-Zero Partnership (K-GNP)

This project aims to develop research-based capacity building modules for effective implementation and governance of the Paris Agreement.

17 May 2022


Water for Circular Societies

This project aims to provide scientific evidence and solutions for the development of sustainable urban water policies in Asia.

13 Jun 2022


Enhancing Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Safeguarding and Transmission Using ICT in Luang Prabang

This project aims to enhance the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage in the World Heritage Site town of Luang Prabang, in Lao PDR.

13 Jan 2022


Regional Research on Climate Change Displacement and the Right to Education

The aim of this project is to establish understanding of climate change displacement across the Asia Pacific region to inform policy recommendations.

13 Jan 2022


UNU SDG–Universities Platform

This project promotes collaboration and dialogue exchange between Japanese universities on opportunities and challenges in promoting the SDGs.

17 Jan 2021


Organisational Decision-Making in Water Reuse for Smart Cities (SMART-WaterDomain)

This project aims to provide a systematic framework to facilitate the uptake of wastewater reuse in the industrial/ agricultural sector.

12 May 2022


Potential Impact of Climate Change on Norovirus Incidence and Seasonality: Water Ecology and Human Health

This project examines the possible influence of climate factors on norovirus occurrence in both temperate and tropical countries.

14 Apr 2022


Water for Sustainable Development

The project will investigate the role of water in Asia and demonstrate how the achievement of SDG6 will contribute to the region's development.

22 May 2018


Introduction of Technologies on Characteristic Analysis and Conservation Management in Agricultural Heritage Systems

The project will develop conservation management indicators and guidelines on evaluating the sustainability of agricultural heritage systems.

02 Apr 2018


Grant for Global Sustainability (GGS)

Supported by the Japanese MEXT, the project aims to enrich the partnership between research and educational institutes in Japan.

21 Nov 2023


Global Leadership Training Programme in Africa (GLTP)

The GLTP is a training scheme that provides Japanese postgraduate students with opportunities to conduct field research in Africa.

20 Mar 2014


Governance for Sustainable Development

This project studies how governments and institutions incorporate the SDGs into their policies, thereby contributing to the global agenda.

15 Nov 2013