Governance for Sustainable Development

This project studies how governments and institutions incorporate the SDGs into their policies, thereby contributing to the global agenda.

Date Published
15 Nov 2013
Expected Start Date
13 May 2013
Expected End Date
31 Mar 2024
Project Types
Capacity Development Research
Project Status

The Governance for Sustainable Development project has been implemented since FY2013. Since FY2021, the Project launched Phase-2 activities. The phase-2 Project is implemented by Strategy and Management Office under the UNU-IAS Strategic Plan 2020-2024. To achieve the SDGs, it is essential to enhance synergies and minimise trade-offs among the goals, in particular those with actions for carbon neutrality. The implementation of the 2030 Agenda requires alignment of functions, resources, governance, capacity, and partnership at the international, national and local level. However, as the political declaration of HLPF 2019 points out, there are still gaps for governments in effectively planning and implementing policies for more integrated solutions addressing synergies and trade-offs between the goals. This project conducts studies to analyse data and information on how the governments and stakeholders have institutionalised the SDGs into their policy planning and implementation and contributes to the global agenda.