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Future Food Production Under Climate Change Scenarios: Reuse of Water and Protection of Biodiversity as Fields of Action

This project researches food production in the context of the circular economy using tools that ensure water management and biodiversity protection.

11 Mar 2023


A socio-ecological and economic multiscale sustainability analysis of Urban and Periurban Agriculture and application of Nexus management options to reduce vulnerabilities

This project will investigate the benefits and trade-offs of urban and peri-urban agriculture development for socio-economic sustainability.

03 Nov 2021


Environmental Assessment of Vertical Farming from a Resource Nexus Perspective

This project aims to provide holistic environmental assessment of vertical farming and investigate the economic feasibility of VF projects.

24 Aug 2022


Vertical Farming for Urban Food Security: Social Acceptance and Policy Recommendations for Building Communities (VerFarming Social)

This project aims to explore the potential of vertical farming to revolutionise agriculture and provide a more resilient solution to food security.

19 Aug 2022


Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture (UPA) and Climate Change: Impacts, Mitigation, and Adaptation

This project aims to better understand the impacts of UPA, in order to develop adaptive measures to minimise trade-offs and optimise co-benefits.

20 Mar 2022


Chair for Sustainability and Textile Innovation - Phase 2

This project will support the establishing of a new Chair for Sustainability and Textile Innovation at AUST in Bangladesh.

16 Apr 2022


Knowledge Academy for the Resource Nexus (KARE)

The project aims to mainstream the Resource Nexus, train new generations of thought leaders, and support better decision-making

05 Apr 2022


UN Sustainability Strategy II

This project aims to establish the UN as a leader in environmental and social sustainability management by 2030.

16 Mar 2022


Barriers to Sustainable Infrastructure: the Case of Chile (SI-Chile)

This project will build a structured identification of the hurdles obstructing sustainable infrastructure.

09 Nov 2021


Integrating the Resource Nexus in Payments for Watershed Ecosystem Services: Conception and Application

The project aims to define an economically feasible and socially acceptable payments for ecosystem services (PES) scheme to aid watershed management.

22 Nov 2021


Multifunctional Use of Agricultural Landscapes Under Climate Change Conditions

The project aims to develop strategies for a multifunctional rural landscape by considering the characteristics of a pilot area of Tanzania

13 Dec 2020


Accounting Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services Through Land Management for Agri-Food and Forest Systems Resilience.

This project will assess the impact of climate change on ecosystem services in river basins and provide policy recommendations for their management.

17 Feb 2022