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Press Release 16 Apr 2024

Unlocking Post-Mining Restoration Strategies

Global Gathering in Dresden - Workshop: 15-18 April 2024

News 21 Mar 2024

Transition to Sustainable Water Management in the CELAC Region

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

News 05 Feb 2024

UNU-FLORES Joint Excellence Cluster Proposal Proceeds to the Next Round

UNU-FLORES celebrates a significant achievement have successfully advanced to the next round.

News 23 Jan 2024

Uncovering the Potential of End-of-Life Electric Vehicle Batteries in Germany and South Korea: NABATE Workshop

To highlight the potential of End-of-Life Electric Vehicle batteries, the NABATE workshop was held

News 04 Jan 2024

Smart Solutions for Water Resilience: Advancing Circular Transformation and Reuse Strategies in Europe and Japan

The Smart Solutions project provides implementable strategies that increase the acceptance of water reuse practices for local economies and societies.

News 01 Dec 2023

UN Day “Water is Life” for SDG 6 in Dresden – A review

The event revolved around the theme and focusing on the global objective of ensuring universal access to clean water and adequate sanitation

News 20 Nov 2023

Charting a Path to Sustainable Progress: Insights from the 2023 SDG Summit and Beyond

Representatives from member states, the UN, and civil society gathered to reaffirm their commitments to the SDGs and chart a way forward.

News 03 Nov 2023

Catalysing Change: UNU-FLORES’ Weisswasser Office Plays Valuable Role in Global Energy Transition

The core issues surrounding the coal phase-out across most regions worldwide

News 10 Oct 2023

Nexus Seminar Summer Series: Recapped

The first Nexus Seminar for the 2023 Winter Semester

News 26 Sep 2023

Threads of Innovation: Textile Symposium Unravels the Future

Research, Education & Capacity Building for Sustainable Development.

News 19 Sep 2023

Empowering International Partnerships: UNU-FLORES and K-ECO Share Environmental Vision Through GELP

The Korea Environment Corporation and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea hosted the Night for Future Environmental Experts event.

News 31 Aug 2023

Cultivating Wellness: Exploring Sustainable Living and Healthy Nutrition in Weisswasser

Since the start of this year, a series of workshops centred around the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals has been unfolding in Weisswasser.