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Seminar -

Nexus Seminar Series N.72 – The Role of Science in Bridging the Science-Policy Gap in the WEFE Nexus

The Nexus Seminar will provide some facts on what the science-policy gap is, why it exists and what needs to be done to address it.

Workshop -

NABATE: International Workshop on sustainable management of end-of-life batteries

International Workshop " Sustainable battery system cuts raw material use, lowers environmental, health risks from toxic batteries"

Side Event -

Circularity as a Game Changer for Climate Action: Upscaling Applied Research and Economic Solutions

DUBAI & ONLINE: On 3 December, UNU will co-organize a COP28 high-level side event exploring circularity as a foundation for climate action.

Event -

Sustainability Nexus AID Programme – Official Launch Event

UNU launches collaborative program using advanced data, analytics, and global AID experts to tackle sustainability challenges

Seminar -

Nexus Seminar Series N.71 – Against The Clock: A Temporal Lens on Organizing for Business Sustainability

The study explores how organizations navigate sustainability in strategic shifts, based on a three-year analysis of automotive companies.

Workshop -

SMART-WaterDomain: International Workshop on Water Reuse for Sustainable and Smart Water Management in Europe and Japan

SMART-WaterDomain Team presents Intl. Workshop on Water Reuse for Sustainable Management in Europe & Japan.

Event -

Minds Connect: Technologies 4 Peace Speed Dating

Join the "Minds Connect: Technologies for Peace" speed dating event for early-career researchers passionate about peace through technology.

Side Event -

Leveraging Postgraduate Education for Sustainable Development: The Resource-Nexus and Environmental Management in Global South Partnerships

NEW YORK / ONLINE: This SDG Action Weekend side event will explore the potential of higher education to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

Event -

United Nations Day 2023 – Water is Life

Join us for UN Day at Dresden City Hall, Nov 9, 6pm. Theme: 'Water is Life.' Discuss global water access sustainability and local contributions.

Symposium -

Register Now: Textile Symposium on “Responsible Resource Use in the Textile Industry”

Textile Symposium unites academia,industry, and gov't to discuss sustainable solutions for textile sector globally, fostering change and collaboration