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Science Slam: Science4Peace

Quick facts, clear language, and entertaining insights into the world of science – and the audience decides which presentation wins.

Seminar -

Nexus Seminar N.77: Resource Nexus approach to post-mining development in India

UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden host monthly online Nexus Seminar Series with scholars and practitioners discussing diverse Nexus Resource topics.

Seminar -

Nexus Seminar Series N.75 - Building Change: Promoting Community Resilience Through Sustainability, Health, and Entrepreneurship in the Built Environment

The study highlights how environmental innovation safeguards communities during crises, proposing resilient models for sustainability amid climate change impacts.

Seminar -

Nexus Seminar Series N.74 - Time for the Next Round of National Climate Targets (NDCs): Integrating Nexus Approaches

Climate change is a multifaceted crisis requiring an integrated Nexus Approach, emphasizing interlinkages among sectors and stakeholders for effective solutions.

Workshop -

Post-Mining Landscape Restoration Hands-On Workshop

GLI and UNU-FLORES organize a 4-day workshop on post-mining land restoration in Dresden, Germany, featuring classroom sessions, field trips, and expert insights.

Workshop -

NABATE: Transfer Workshop on sustainable management of end-of-life batteries in South Korea

UNU-FLORES and K-eco share findings on waste battery circulation between Germany and Korea, aiming for an eco-friendly transition to e-mobility.

Seminar -

Nexus Seminar Series N.73 – Navigating the Nexus: Empowering States and Communities toward Inclusive [Gender-Sensitive] Water and Climate Solutions

Exploring the water-gender-climate nexus, we'll examine how addressing water disparities empowers women, fostering inclusive development and resilience.

Seminar -

Nexus Seminar Series N.72 – The Role of Science in Bridging the Science-Policy Gap in the WEFE Nexus

The Nexus Seminar will provide some facts on what the science-policy gap is, why it exists and what needs to be done to address it.

Workshop -

NABATE: International Workshop on sustainable management of end-of-life batteries

International Workshop " Sustainable battery system cuts raw material use, lowers environmental, health risks from toxic batteries"

Side Event -

Circularity as a Game Changer for Climate Action: Upscaling Applied Research and Economic Solutions

DUBAI & ONLINE: On 3 December, UNU will co-organize a COP28 high-level side event exploring circularity as a foundation for climate action.