Life on land

Nearly a third of the globe is covered by forests, which are home to 80 per cent of all land species of animals, plants, and insects. Forests and agricultural systems sustain our air, water, and food, but extreme deforestation and land degradation are threatening vital biodiversity and the billions of people who depend on the land for their livelihoods.

UNU research analyses the intersections of ecosystem change and resource use to find sustainable human-environment solutions that can preserve biological and biocultural diversity as well as safeguard traditional agricultural systems and rural livelihoods.

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Press Release

UNU Names Dr Shen Xiaomeng as Next Vice-Rector in Europe and Director of UNU-EHS

Dr Shen Xiaomeng will join UNU in the concurrent roles of UNU Vice-Rector in Europe and Director of UNU-EHS (Bonn, Germany), effective 1 August 2020.

27 May 2020


GCRF Living Deltas Hub

This project aims to promote understanding of deltaic social-ecological systems and develop solutions to help realise the SDGs in delta contexts.

28 Oct 2019


‘CRoss-sEcToral planning decisIoN-maKing platform to foster climate Action’ — ‘RethinkAction’

This project will build a cross-sectoral platform to deliver clear and valuable information on climate change that supports decision making.

19 Jan 2038


European Drought Observatory for Resilience and Adaptation (EDORA)

This project aims to widen the scope of the existing European Drought Observatory Portal by looking at affected sectors beyond just agriculture.

07 Jun 2022


Multifunctional Use of Agricultural Landscapes Under Climate Change Conditions

The project aims to develop strategies for a multifunctional rural landscape by considering the characteristics of a pilot area of Tanzania

13 Dec 2020


Development of NatCat Risk Profile Reports for ASEAN Member States (AMS)

This project will produce Risk Profile Reports for ASEAN member states that assess risk appetite and finance capacity for recovery from disasters.

15 Jul 2022