Social equality and economic prosperity depend on investments in infrastructure. But even basic services such as electricity, sanitation, and water remain out of reach for billions of people, creating barriers to the industrial and technological progress that drives developing country success. Building sustainable resource value chains will require the freedom to innovate that only robust infrastructure can provide.

UNU's work in cities is helping to ensure that rapid urban expansion can mitigate risks from climate change, and provide safe housing and a secure network of services for all.

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Press Release

Ageing Dams Pose Growing Threat

By 2050, most people on Earth will live downstream of tens of thousands of large dams already operating at or beyond their design life.

22 Jan 2021


Public Lecture: Driving Ontario’s Clean Energy Future

A seminar on the environmental and economic benefits of driving electric vehicles (EV) and their latest trends in Canada and worldwide.


Blog Post

AI & Global Governance: Why We Need an Intergovernmental Panel for Artificial Intelligence

Striking a balance between enabling innovation and mitigating risks.

20 Dec 2018

Blog Post

AI & Global Governance: A New Charter of Rights for the Global AI Revolution

AI’s growing role in our personal decision-making and identity raises a series of related ethical questions.

15 Oct 2018


Sustainable Development Goals and Disaster Risk Reduction

The symposium will explore linkages between the SDGs and DRR.



21st Century of Disaster: Lessons from the March 2011 Disasters and the Sustainable Development Goals

TOKYO: This symposium aims to incorporate the experiences and lessons learned from "3.11" into discussions on the post-2015 development agenda.



Impact Assessment of the Tunisian Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Urban Development Program 'PRIQH 2'

This project will provide a socio-economic analysis of the impact of the PRIQH 2 project, which aims to improve the living conditions of urban poor.

09 Jan 2019


Low-carbon society: an enhanced modelling tool for the transition to sustainability LOCOMOTION

This project aims to design a new set of Integrated Assessment Models to assess different sustainability policy options towards a low-carbon society.

10 Jul 2019