Social equality and economic prosperity depend on investments in infrastructure. But even basic services such as electricity, sanitation, and water remain out of reach for billions of people, creating barriers to the industrial and technological progress that drives developing country success. Building sustainable resource value chains will require the freedom to innovate that only robust infrastructure can provide.

UNU's work in cities is helping to ensure that rapid urban expansion can mitigate risks from climate change, and provide safe housing and a secure network of services for all.

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Advanced Simulation Models and Policy – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

In this session led by Bruce Edmond, we will discuss ways in which modelling can usefully and safely inform policy.



Artificial Intelligence for Social Assessment

This talk by Prof. Petra Ahrweiler presents an approach that uses cultural comparison dimensions to build context-specific Agent-Based Models simulations.


Press Release

New UN University Report: Disasters Around the World are Interconnected

A new UNU-EHS report analyses 10 different, interconnected disasters from 2020/2021.

08 Sep 2021

Press Release

Ageing Dams Pose Growing Threat

By 2050, most people on Earth will live downstream of tens of thousands of large dams already operating at or beyond their design life.

22 Jan 2021

Blog Post

AI & Global Governance: Why We Need an Intergovernmental Panel for Artificial Intelligence

Striking a balance between enabling innovation and mitigating risks.

20 Dec 2018