UNU Generative AI Series | Why Generative Methods Are Still Missing Something to Become Responsible (AI)

Prof. Fernando Buarque is the guest speaker of this second session of the UNU Generative AI Series.

- Asia/Macau


AI tools, including generative ones, have undeniably taken the world by storm, and their outcomes often leave us in awe. Nevertheless, there are some fundamental issues pertaining to veracity and impact assessment that continue to concern prospective users. In this talk, we will comment on Responsible AI in a multi-dimensional approach and delve into the complexities surrounding the apparent oversight of the human factor in these impressive adaptive algorithms. Furthermore, we will explore how such a responsible approach can be applied to tackle the challenging task of classifying information, currently utilizing ensembles. The diverse aspects of fake news (and many other hard problems), for example, necessitate much more apt approaches, and we will analyze the potential benefits of our Responsible AI ideas, specifically its reliability and self-mitigation abilities. This ongoing work aims to address all these concerns lightly, and we encourage active participation from the audience by inviting questions and discussions.

About the Speaker

Prof. Buarque is PhD in AI (Imperial College London-2002), Associate Professor and AI-lab head at the University of Pernambuco-Brazil, supervised over 120 students, and authored over 240 scientific publications and 6 Books. His current research is tackling complex decision problems, via rational/explainable evolutionary and social processes. He thinks Responsible-AI can lead to flourishing societies.

You can watch the recording of the session here: 


Prof. Fernando Buarque

Associate Professor
University of Pernambuco-Brazil

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