Mark Akrofi

Mark McCarthy Akrofi

JSPS-UNU Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, Sustainability Science, United Nations University
MSc, Energy Policy, Pan African University PAUWES (Tlemcen, Algeria)
BSc , Planning, University for Development Studies (Tamale, Ghana)
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Mark Akrofi is a JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow with dual affiliations at UNU-IAS and Kyoto University.

In this role, he actively contributes to the advancement of research on sustainable and just energy transitions. His primary research focus is on unraveling the intricate governance, policies and processes involved in sustainable energy transitions in developing nations. He obtained his PhD in Sustainability Science from UNU-IAS where his dissertation focused on identifying practical policy strategies to bridge the sectoral divide between solar energy and urban planning in Ghana, a gap that has historically limited the realization of solar PV potential and its integration into the built environment. His current research focuses on evaluating the maturity of regulatory frameworks in the electricity sector and its implications for fostering sustainable and equitable energy transitions across Africa.

Prior to joining UNU-IAS, Dr. Akrofi was a visiting PhD Fellow at UNU-WIDER, and a Teaching/Research Assistant at the University for Development Studies in Ghana. Beyond his research, he is deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders in the field of sustainability. He volunteers as a Commitment Mentor for the Clinton Global Initiative University where he guides and inspires emerging leaders in the pursuit of sustainable solutions to global challenges. 

Research Interests

  • Energy policy and planning
  • Sustainability
  • SDGs and the Paris Agreement
  • Sustainable energy transitions