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Side Event

Pathways towards Enhanced Capacity to Implement the Paris Agreement — Regional Leaders Dialogue

DUBAI: This COP28 side event at Japan Pavilion will discuss strategies to increase institutional capacity and partnerships for carbon-neutrality.


Ulrika Modéer


What We Expect at COP28 in November



Experts Discuss Local Sustainability Initiatives in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

The event highlighted efforts of Ishikawa Prefecture to achieve the SDGs and conserve satoyama and satoumi landscapes.

07 Sep 2023


Meeting of UNFCCC Adaptation Committee Builds Regional Collaboration

The meeting focused on enhancing cooperation on climate change adaptation efforts in Asia.

30 Aug 2023


Enhancing Biodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation through Local Engagement

This event will discuss the importance of local engagement for climate adaptation and how empowering communities leads to grassroots solutions.



Policy Brief Informs Resilient Education in SIDS Facing Climate Displacement

A new UNU-IAS policy brief offers guidance on building resilient education systems in small island developing states (SIDS).

31 Jul 2023