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Event -

COVID-19 and the Informal Economy

ONLINE: On 30 May, UNU-WIDER will co-host a webinar to launch the book COVID-19 and Informal Economy.

Conversation Series -

The Peacebuilding Architecture Review: Building and Sustaining Peace in 2025 and Beyond

TOKYO: On 30 May 2024, UNU will host a conversation with Elizabeth Spehar, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Peacebuilding Support.

Event -

SCIENCE TALK: Community Clean Energy: Lessons from the Oakland EcoBlock

improving resilience, sustainability, and quality of life through in-home energy and water-efficient upgrades, electrification, solar installations, and energy storage

Seminar -

The UN Security Council: Key Challenges and Strategic Opportunities for Non-permanent Members

TOKYO: This seminar on 27 May will bring together representatives of Algeria, Denmark, Japan and Slovenia to share UN Security Council experiences.

Side Event -

Enhancing Water Security in Changing Environments: A Perspective on Asian Cities

BALI: This side event of the 10th World Water Forum will discuss water security issues in cities in Asia with an emphasis on SDG 6 metrics.


Seminar -

Development of Digital Government at the subnational level: measurement experiences from Latin America

Seminar on subnational digital governance in Latin America and benchmarking measurement tools.

Event -

Integrating Quality Education in Sustainable and Responsible Consumption Practices for Achieving the SDGs

ONLINE: This session of the 19th International Conference on Waste Management and Technology will discuss the role of education for sustainable development (ESD) in promoting circular economies.

Event -

Redefining Multilateralism

Shaping the future of global governance. A virtual dialogue with Foreign Policy magazine.