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Seminar -

Information Session for Prospective JPO Candidates

ONLINE: On 22 February 2024, UNU will host a session to introduce a new Junior Professional Officer position opening at UNU-WIDER.

Conversation Series -

Healthy Land: Why Combating Desertification is Crucial for Human Security

TOKYO: On 20 February, UNU will host a conversation with Ibrahim Thiaw, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

Seminar -

Smart Cities Measurements and Challenges to Address the Local Context

The aim of developing Smart Cities (SC) is to improve the people’s quality of life by adopting strategies to mitigate urban challenges.

Seminar -

Predictive factors for interagency partnership success

Can development agencies’ project data, design, monitoring and evaluation, scrutinized by AI technologies, systematically inform evidence-based policy?

Event -

Book Launch: Palgrave Handbook of South-South Migration and Inequality

UNU-CPR and partners gathered for the Palgrave Handbook book launch event with editors Heaven Crawley and Joseph Teye during Migration Week 2024.

Seminar -

Organizing the public sector for improving the quality of digital public services

The research explores how ICT can enhance public service quality and citizen satisfaction and trust using a contingency theory based on 17 attributes.

Event -

SEPLS Management as Integrated, Inclusive and Localised Actions towards a Nature Positive Society

ONLINE: UNU-IAS will co-organize a thematic track session at the 2023  International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP).

Lecture -

Japan-ASEAN Bridges Event Series: Why Globalization Has Failed to Reduce Inequality

TOKYO: On 18 January 2024, UNU and the International Peace Foundation will co-host a lecture by Prof. Eric S. Maskin, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences.

Event -

Information Session for Prospective Students

ONLINE: This information session will provide insights into the learning experiences, ongoing research and unique opportunities at UNU-IAS.

Seminar -

A Korean e-Government System Failure of an Unprecedented Scale in Nov. 2023: Outturn, Impact, and Lessons

The seminar discusses the impact and lessons of a major e-government system failure in Korea that caused public chaos and government response.