Florian Waldschmidt

Florian Waldschmidt

Project Manager

MSc, Economics and Development Economics, University of Nottingham, School of Economics, 2014
BSc, Economics, University of Kiel, 2013
waldschmidt@ehs.unu.edu LinkedIn

Florian is a Project Manager in the Climate Risk Analytics Team within MCII. Much of his work and research as an economist focuses on the analysis of monetary and non-monetary impacts of natural hazards.

Florian has gathered a wealth of experience working at UNU applying the Economic of Climate Adaptation (ECA) framework in different settings. As member of UNU's Climate Risk Analytics team, he is developing the framework further to also address non-monetary impacts on e.g. social protection dimensions. He has a deep interest in better understanding how people are affected by natural hazards beyond impacts on physical infrastructure.

His work at UNU and his previous positions, e.g. at GIZ, allowed him to gather work experience leading and working projects in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia.