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As a forward-thinking policy-oriented entity, we lead innovation, actively exploring and advocating emerging technologies to transform public service delivery on a worldwide scale.

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10 Years of EGOV



10 Years - EGOV with Choir Concert at Paço dos Duques

Join UNU-EGOV's 10th-anniversary choir concert, "Primavera En’Coro," on May 18, 2024, at Paço dos Duques in Guimarães.

15 May 2024


IPIC 2023 Public Session

Portuguese Municipal Councils excel in internet presence ranking.

30 Apr 2024

Celebrating 10 Years of EGOV: 2014-2024

Over the next weeks, several events and initiatives will take place to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of UNU-EGOV, culminating on May 23rd 2024, exactly ten years to the day of the agreement's signature between UNU and Portugal.


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Development of Digital Government at the subnational level: measurement experiences from Latin America

Seminar on subnational digital governance in Latin America and benchmarking measurement tools.



Digital Transformation, Technology and Innovation in the Brazilian States: proposed pathways for the period 2023-2026

This is a broad study on Digital Transformation in the Brazilian public sector.



Convite Sessão de Apresentação Pública IPIC 2023 | AMA, Universidade do Minho e UNU-EGOV

Sessão pública de apresentação dos resultados do Índice da Presença na Internet das Câmaras Municipais (IPIC). ​



IS Aspects of potential benefits from decentralisation in IT

In this seminar, we will look at critical aspects of decentralised IT systems and consider their applicability to the public sector.



Our annual conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance is set for Pretoria, South Africa, this year and has launched its Call for Papers, with the submission deadline of April 21st, 2024.

Current Projects


Global Assessment of Responsible AI in cities (AI4Cities)

AI can support cities, but needs ethics, governance, and capacities. The project assesses how to use AI responsibly in urban settings.

01 Dec 2022


Local Online Service Index (LOSI) Network

LOSI measures e-government in cities. LOSI Network expands the scope and analysis of local e-government. Brazil, Jordan, Palestine joined.

09 Jan 2023


ePART4GOV An Integrated Project Framework for e-Participation and Governance Mechanisms

ePART4GOV: Enhancing Saudi governance through e-participation & user feedback

09 Mar 2023


Dynamic Capabilities for Digital Government Transformation: Leading Emerging Technologies in the Global South

The project develops a framework of dynamic capabilities for public organizations to use emerging technologies for digital transformation.

01 Sep 2023


Accelerating the digital transformation of the public sector of Qatar

The project supports Qatar’s MCIT to improve digital transformation and EGDI by providing analysis, recommendations, advice, and capacity development.

01 Jan 2023


Knowledge Hub Digital

The project supports the EC to promote e-Governance in ten jurisdictions by analysing legal instruments and providing training.

15 Sep 2023


Governance Models for Collaboration and Coordination in Public Sector Digital Transformation

The project aims to develop a theory and a model of governance for e-Governance collaboration and coordination in different contexts.

04 Mar 2023


State-of-Affairs Report on Sustainable Development Goals for Qatar

The project aims to analyse and report on the digital transformation initiatives for sustainable development in Qatar. The main beneficiary is MCIT.

10 Dec 2023