Thematic Review on Youth, Peace and Security

Examining how the Peacebuilding Fund has contributed to realizing the "YPS" agenda over the past five years.

Date Published
9 Feb 2024
Project Type
Project Status

The landmark UN Security Council Resolution 2250 (2015) on Youth, Peace, and Security (YPS) recognized the important and positive contribution of youth to the maintenance and promotion of international peace and security. Yet the promise and commitments of this YPS have yet to be fully operationalized in many areas.

This thematic review will take stock of how the Peacebuilding Fund has contributed to realizing the YPS agenda over the past five years. The research will look, in particular, at how strategies for encouraging youth participation and empowerment have contributed to both local and national political process and peacebuilding, any examples of youth integration and participation within regional or cross-border initiatives, and how these help advance overall conflict resolution and conflict prevention goals.

Particular attention will be given to examining youth programming from an intersectional lens, and to programming that seeks to advance youth participation and contributions in climate and natural resource-related peacebuilding work. The reports is expected to be forthcoming April 2025.


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