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Due Process in UN Targeted Sanctions

The potential to advance the UN Security Council's use of sanctions to achieve its strategic objectives.

01 Dec 2023


Hybrid Conflict, Hybrid Peace: How Militias and Paramilitary Groups Shape Post-Conflict Transitions

The role of PGMs in conflict and post-conflict settings and how PGMs might help or hurt prospects for sustainable peacebuilding.

01 Dec 2023


The Political Practice of Peacekeeping: How Strategies for Peace Operations are Developed and Implemented

Clear, evidence-based approaches for facilitating political resolutions to conflict.

30 Oct 2023


UNU Statement on the Israel–Gaza Crisis

The United Nations University echoes calls for international humanitarian law and human rights law to be respected and upheld.

19 Oct 2023

Kuniko Inoguchi

Conversation Series

Japan's Foreign Policy in Turbulent Times



Climate Change and Security: Perspectives from the Field

Examining the issue of climate-security from the perspective of UN field offices around the world.

16 Sep 2023


Peacebuilding and Authoritarianism: The Unintended Consequences of UN Engagement in Post-Conflict Settings

Developing a usable framework to ensure peacebuilding support is not distorted or co-opted.

15 Sep 2023


Protecting Together

Identifying challenges confronting human rights and military components in volatile settings.

15 Sep 2023


Inclusion and Gender Sensitivity for Effective Peace Mediation

This project showed that women’s inclusion and gender sensitivity in peace mediation are inseparable but not interchangeable.

15 Sep 2023


UNU-WIDER Releases Major Report on Peace, Decent Work and Greater Equality

The report distills evidence and key messages from hundreds of UNU-WIDER studies.

26 Aug 2023