Climate, Peace, and Security

New research on the connections between climate change, peace, and security in fragile, climate-vulnerable regions.

Cracked earth, from lack of water and baked from the heat of the sun, forms a pattern in the Nature Reserve of Popenguine, Senegal.

While many have identified ways that climate change or environmental degradation might affect peace and security concerns, how to best respond to these so-called ‘climate-security’ challenges in peacebuilding contexts is still an emerging area of practice. This theme consolidates new thinking and evidence to help inform policies and practical responses.  



Beyond the UN Security Council: Can the General Assembly Tackle the Climate–Security Challenge?

The UN General Assembly could drive climate action across the multilateral system and even pressure the Security Council to take action more directly.

26 Jun 2023

Blog Post

The New Agenda for Peace: A Model for the Declaration on Future Generations?

Although far from perfect, the New Agenda for Peace offers a potentially transformative model for emerging and future risks.

19 Jul 2023


Climate-Security and Peacebuilding

Examining global trends and approaches to sustaining peace through climate-security efforts, and taking stock of climate-security projects funded by the UN's Peacebuilding Fund to understand best practices and identify areas for programming improvement.
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Elevating the Environment in the Multilateral System

Enabling the UN to play a more meaningful role in a global transition towards a more sustainable relationship with nature.

10 Nov 2023


Conflict Prevention in the Sahel: Emerging Practice Across the UN

Supporting the UN’s understanding of the situation in the Sahel - and how it can better respond to current and emerging risks.

10 Jan 2019


Conflict Prevention in the Era of Climate Change: Adapting the UN to Climate-Security Risks

Supporting the UN and its partners to develop climate-sensitive conflict prevention approaches.

10 Mar 2020

News and events


Understanding Climate-Related Mobility in Contexts of Urbanization

This roundtable examined the challenges of climate-related mobility and processes of urbanization in the Global South.



New Policy Brief Helps Financial Sector Address Crisis-Driven Modern Slavery Risks

Identifying the steps financial institutions can take to prepare for and address risks associated with crises and displacements.

06 May 2023


Strengthening the G7’s Role in Conflict Prevention and Resolution

What policy options can the G7 adopt to strengthen its global conflict prevention and resolution role.

07 Dec 2022


New Guidelines Provide First Global Policy Framework on Protecting Children on the Move in Face of Climate Change

Nine principles address the unique and layered vulnerabilities of children.

25 Jul 2022