Sustainable cities and communities

By 2030, 60 per cent of the global population will reside in cities. As dense hubs of global activity, cities present some of the greatest challenges among the Sustainable Development Goals. From housing, public health, and employment, to natural resource consumption and transportation, achieving the SDGs will hinge on urban planning initiated now.

UNU research on sustainable urbanisation seeks to overcome the tendency to treat urban issues (such as governance, water, waste, health, economic development, or vulnerability to natural hazards) as discrete problems and instead find integrated, interdisciplinary solutions.

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Water Reuse through Nexus Perspective: Assessing the Sustainability and Opportunities of Urban Systems under Public-Private Partnership

The project defines barriers/drivers for water reuse uptake and the feasibility of water reuse in industrial settings via public private partnership

13 Mar 2021


Transformative Urban Coalitions: Catalysing Urban Partnerships to Drive Systemic Transformation Towards Sustainability (TUC)

This project aims to shift the mindsets of urban citizens and leaders to build new urban coalitions towards socially inclusive zero-carbon cities.

17 Nov 2019


The Climate Academy - People's Pathways to Climate Action

This project aims to advance scientific understanding of people-centered climate action and inform policy making through a solution oriented approach.

07 May 2021


Advisory service for the development of a climate analysis and justification for the Resilient Puna Project in Peru

This consultancy aims to secure funds to increase the resilience of high Andean communities towards the impacts of changing climate conditions

22 Oct 2021


Flexible Office: Concept for Resource Optimisation (FLORES)

This project at UNU FLORES seeks to make a significant shift from fixed desks assigned to each employee to spaces designed according to functions and needs

19 Jan 2038


Enhancing Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Safeguarding and Transmission Using ICT in Luang Prabang

This project aims to enhance the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage in the World Heritage Site town of Luang Prabang, in Lao PDR.

13 Jan 2022


Barriers to Sustainable Infrastructure: the Case of Chile (SI-Chile)

This project will build a structured identification of the hurdles obstructing sustainable infrastructure.

09 Nov 2021


UN Sustainability Strategy II

This project aims to establish the UN as a leader in environmental and social sustainability management by 2030.

16 Mar 2022


Information and data services and technology for sustainable water management

This project aims to develop and promote tools and services to provide the data and information needed for strategic water planning and management.

04 Aug 2020


RRR-Coast: Towards a green and inclusive post-pandemic recovery of the Blue Economy and coastal communities

This project aims to provide science-based guidance for post COVID recovery of coastal communities by investigating impact, response and resilience.

28 Jun 2022


Vertical Farming for Urban Food Security: Social Acceptance and Policy Recommendations for Building Communities (VerFarming Social)

This project aims to explore the potential of vertical farming to revolutionise agriculture and provide a more resilient solution to food security.

19 Aug 2022


Environmental Assessment of Vertical Farming from a Resource Nexus Perspective

This project aims to provide holistic environmental assessment of vertical farming and investigate the economic feasibility of VF projects.

24 Aug 2022