RCE Youth Webinar: Igniting Changes for a Sustainable World

ONLINE: On International Youth Day 2023, UNU-IAS will co-host a Regional Centres of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development Youth Webinar.

To celebrate International Youth Day 2023 on 8 August, Regional Centres of Expertise (RCE) on Education for Sustainable Development Youth Coordinators and the Global RCE Service Centre at UNU-IAS will co-host the RCE Youth Webinar "Igniting Changes for a Sustainable World: Embracing Intersectionality in Sustainability and Local Community Actions".

The webinar will put a spotlight on the importance of youth participation in sustainable development at local, national, and global levels. It will highlight the pivotal role of youth, explore the concept of intersectionality, and emphasize the significance of local community actions in achieving a sustainable future.

The event serves to inspire and encourage young people to take charge of their future and actively contribute to building a sustainable world. Both youth and those interested in empowering and engaging with youth are encouraged to attend.

Participation & Registration

To participate online, please register in advance.

Please note that participants in UNU events may appear in photography, screen captures, videos, and/or audio.


This event will be held in English.


Programme details are available on the RCE website.


The Global RCE Network comprises over 180 RCEs, each of which operates a local multi-stakeholder partnership on education for sustainable development. UNU-IAS serves as the secretariat of the network, as part of its Education for Sustainable Development project.

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