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Organizing the public sector for improving the quality of digital public services

The research explores how ICT can enhance public service quality and citizen satisfaction and trust using a contingency theory based on 17 attributes.


Press Release

Redefining Global Health Security: A Novel Framework Sheds Light on Equity and Decolonial Approaches

A new policy paper spotlights the need to address the potential pitfalls of the growing health-security nexus.

25 Sep 2023

Media Coverage

Japan Times Article Features UNU-IAS Expert Comments on Disaster-Reduction Culture

The article discussed the contributions of scientists in Japan to disaster resilience in Asia and the Pacific.

31 Jan 2023


The Effect of Job Characteristics on Public Service Motivation for Highly-qualified Public Employees

On 29 November 2022, UNU-EGOV will host a lecture by Senior Research Associate Naci Karkin.