Climate change

Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are drivers of climate change, and are now at their highest levels in history. To avoid catastrophic impacts on communities, livelihoods, and economies, action must be swift and coordinated. The Paris Agreement is propelling this action, but achieving the Agreement's goal of limiting global temperature rise to below two degrees Celsius will depend on transforming climate knowledge into policy.

UNU seeks to help the vulnerable populations most affected by climate change, and to ensure global resilience later. UNU research contributes to policies and measures for mitigating and recovering from climate-related disasters, including insurance safety nets for island communities threatened by sea level rise and extreme weather as well as strategies to reduce carbon emissions.

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Press Release

UN Study Reveals the Hidden Environmental Impacts of Bitcoin: Carbon is Not the Only Harmful By-product

Global Bitcoin mining is highly dependent on fossil fuels, with worrying impacts on water and land in addition to a significant carbon footprint.

24 Oct 2023

Ulrika Modéer


What We Expect at COP28 in November



Understanding Climate-Related Mobility in Contexts of Urbanization

Recommendations to address the challenges of climate-related mobility in urban areas across the Global South.

14 Oct 2023


Climate Change and Security: Perspectives from the Field

Examining the issue of climate-security from the perspective of UN field offices around the world.

16 Sep 2023


Beyond Opportunism: The UN Development System's Response to the Triple Planetary Crisis

Capturing best practices and the constraints experienced by Resident Coordinators in relation to the Triple Planetary Crisis.

15 Sep 2023


Database of Global Forest Governance Arrangements

Mapping global and regional governance arrangements on forests and other ecosystems relevant to biodiversity and climate change.

15 Sep 2023


Experts Discuss Local Sustainability Initiatives in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

The event highlighted efforts of Ishikawa Prefecture to achieve the SDGs and conserve satoyama and satoumi landscapes.

07 Sep 2023