Ronald Musizvingoza


PhD, Sociology, Uludag University
Master, Population Studies, University of Zimbabwe
Honors Degree , Operations Research and Statistics, National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe
UNU Macau

Ronald Musizvingoza is a Social Scientist and Researcher at UNU Macau, whose work falls at the intersection of gender equality (SDG5), health, and well-being (SDG3) and digital technology.

With a PhD in Sociology, Ronald Musizvingoza focuses on generating evidence for research and policy, emphasising the translation of evidence to policy and practice-based learning in LMICs. 

Ronald's research interests include digital health, statistics, GBV, SRH, maternal health, and child development outcomes, addressing intersectional gender and socio-economic inequalities. His is interested in combining AI, big data, and digital approaches with traditional data, aiming to develop innovative methodologies using digital technology to monitor and advance SDGs. 

Previously a Postdoctoral Fellow at UNU IIGH, Ronald led and contributed to projects aimed at generating evidence for policies advancing gender equality in digital health. These include research on the gendered dimensions of digital technologies, big data research on adolescents' SRH, capacity building for gender mainstreaming in health and digital literacy, and the implementation of the Health Sector Website Assessment Index Tool on Malaysian hospitals. 

In Zimbabwe, Ronald conducted a comprehensive situational analysis of gender statistics, monitoring, and reporting systems. Additionally, he supported an evaluation of GBV programs, developed a digital best practice document for CSOs programming in Zimbabwe and protocols for reporting COVID-19 related stigma. Ronald has also contributed to UNICEF's work on social protections and violence against children in Burkina Faso and the development of the Mainstreaming Gender into ABS Value Chains toolkit at UNDP.