Governance, Security and Justice

Collecting water in Burkina Faso

The Governance, Security and Justice programme supports UN Member States in enhancing water governance and strong institutions to address security and justice-related issues at local, national and regional levels. UNU-INWEH uses its broad technical expertise in water management and diplomatic tools to facilitate evidence-based decision-making and policy development to support sustainable natural resources and water and food security at different levels.

Participatory governance will allow for all affected parties, genders, minorities, vulnerable communities and relevant stakeholders to jointly decide on the management of their resources, contributing to long-term sustainable solutions. Such multi-stakeholder engagement will reduce the security-related sensitivities and injustices resulting from water-related challenges in an era when climate change increases inequalities and exacerbates socioeconomic insecurities, contributing to increased human rights violations and population displacement. The justice issues related to gender, marginalized communities and vulnerable groups make them vulnerable to environmental degradation, health implications and natural disasters. 



Accelerating the implementation of water-related SDGs

This project aims to promote the use of Sustainable Development Goal 6 Policy Support System (SDG-PSS), a tool developed by UNU-INWEH and partners.

05 Aug 2020


Promoting unconventional water resources and technologies for water-scarce areas

This project builds on a previous project, “Unconventional Water Resources”, to deepen and promote understanding of unconventional water resources.

04 Aug 2020