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Artificial Intelligence, Technology and Health: Promises and Challenges

KUALA LUMPUR: UNU Rector Tshilidzi Marwala will discuss how AI and technology can be harnessed for a sustainable future for all.



Global Health and Human Rights in the Post-pandemic World

ONLINE: On 23 May, UNU will host a BIG IDEAS Dialogue with Rajat Khosla, Director of UNU-IIGH, and UNU Senior Vice-Rector Sawako Shirahase.



The Personal is Political: Re-imagining Data Governance in the Context of Digital Health

On 8 March, UNU-IIGH will organise a webinar focusing on data governance and sexual and reproductive health.


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Conversation Series -

Shifting Power in Global Health: Voices and Lessons From Across the South

Exploring Global Health: Voices and lessons from the Global South in a transformative scientific meeting.

Seminar -

3rd COVID-19 Global Research and Innovation Forum

Join the forum for innovative insights and collaborative solutions at the 3rd COVID-19 Global Research event.

Event -

Launch of a New WHO-UNICEF Report on Formula Milk Marketing

Report on how the marketing of commercial milk formula impacts infant feeding decisions.

Conference -

International Conference on Gender Studies in Africa

Conference fostering dialogue and understanding on gender studies in the African context.

Seminar -

Gender, Equity, Human Rights, and PHC “Community of Practice” Session

Participate in a seminar focusing on gender equity, human rights, and primary healthcare in a community of practice session.

Seminar -

Webinar: Infant and Young Child Feeding: Policy, Power and Politics

Exploring policy dynamics, power, and politics in infant and young child feeding through a webinar.

Seminar -

Infant and Young Child Feeding: Policy, Power, and Politics

UNU-IIGH will host the webinar "Infant and Young Child Feeding: Policy, Power, and Politics".


Webinar: Reducing Disease Burden and Improving Health Literacy

Engage in a compelling webinar addressing health literacy and disease burden reduction for improved well-being.

Event -

Global Health PhD Fellowship Information Session

The fellowship aims to provide hands-on experience in carrying out a research project outside the realm of academia.


Global Health PhD Fellowship 2022

Nurturing research excellence in the realm of global health. Join us for this significant opportunity.