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International Women’s Day Webinar: Investing in Women to Advance Gender Equality in the Era of Polycrises

Navigating the 'polycrisis': Join us as experts discuss gender-inclusive solutions, resilience, and global solidarity for a sustainable future.



Artificial Intelligence, Technology and Health: Promises and Challenges

KUALA LUMPUR: UNU Rector Tshilidzi Marwala will discuss how AI and technology can be harnessed for a sustainable future for all.



Global Health and Human Rights in the Post-pandemic World

ONLINE: On 23 May, UNU will host a BIG IDEAS Dialogue with Rajat Khosla, Director of UNU-IIGH, and UNU Senior Vice-Rector Sawako Shirahase.



The Personal is Political: Re-imagining Data Governance in the Context of Digital Health

On 8 March, UNU-IIGH will organise a webinar focusing on data governance and sexual and reproductive health.


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Seminar -

Vaccines to Vaccinations: Gender in Promoting Immunisation

The seminar will review the cost of gender inequity in COVID-19 response, focusing on vaccination.

Seminar -

Working Local, Thinking Global Seminar: Engaging Evidence in Policy Making towards the SDGs

Explore policy-making's local-global interplay at UNU-IIGH's seminar: "Working Local, Thinking Global."

Seminar -

Working Local, Thinking Global Seminar: The Importance of Evidence in Health Policymaking in Malaysia

The series will discuss the importance of evidence in health policymaking and the WHO’s broader work in Malaysia.

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BFM Health & Living: World Health Day with Dr David McCoy

Celebrate World Health Day with Dr. David McCoy on BFM Health & Living. Gain insights into global health challenges and solutions.

Workshop -

RESPOND Project Survey

RESPOND along with the United Nations University International Institute for Global Health are calling for participants diagnosed with hypertension fo

Conference -

CUGH 2022 13th Annual Global Health Conference

Participate in CUGH 2022 Global Health Conference Satellite Sessions by UNU-IIGH. Insights and dialogues shaping global health.

Event -

Charting Transferability: Advancing Gender Equality in the Response to Climate Change

On 22 March, UNU-IIGH with co-organise the online event  "Charting Transferability: Advancing Gender Equality in the Response to Climate Change".

Seminar -

Working Local, Thinking Global Seminar: Engaging Evidence in Policy Making Towards the SDGs

Seminar: Bridging local and global for SDGs. Engage evidence in policy-making for sustainable development.

Event -

Breaking the Bias: Gender Transformative Policies, Inclusive Agendas, and Research Insights From Around the World

The George Institute for Global Health UK invites you to join them for this digital event to mark International Women’s Day 2022.


Making a Difference – Achieving People-Centred Care in 2022

Symposium: Achieving people-centered care in 2022. Explore impactful strategies for making a difference.