Maiko Nishi

Maiko Nishi

Research Fellow

PhD, Urban Planning, Columbia University
MA, Development Studies, Institute of Social Studies (The Netherlands)
MEng, Urban Engineering, The University of Tokyo
BEng, Civil Engineering, Waseda University (Japan)
Contacts +81-3-5467-1212

Maiko Nishi is a Research Fellow for the International Satoyama Initiative at UNU-IAS. 

Her area of research interest includes social-ecological system governance, local and regional planning, and agricultural land policy. In particular, her interest lies in the notions of multi-level governance, land tenure and use, and perspectives and subjectivities of institutional actors in the processes of governing natural resources.

Dr. Nishi began her career as a consultant in urban planning in Japan, and experienced both overseas and domestic projects including those related to participatory planning, rural water supply, and regional development. She was also engaged in several research and assessment activities as a coordinator to follow up the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, including a multi-stakeholder assessment on the interaction between humans and ecosystems in Japan.

Research Interests

  • Agricultural land policy

  • Environmental governance

  • Land use planning

  • Socio-ecological production landscapes

  • Urban planning


A woman collecting crops

Working Paper

Nature as Culture

19 Dec 2023


Using Landscape Approaches in National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Planning

Holistic strategies to harmonize human activities with the preservation of biodiversity.

19 Oct 2023

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