Conceptual advancement of the Resource Nexus, capacity development and quality assurance

The project aims to advance the Resource Nexus concept through analytics development, urban water security evaluation, and awareness promotion.

Date Published
9 Jul 2024
Expected Start Date
01 Feb 2023
Expected End Date
31 Mar 2025
Project Type
Project Status

The overarching aim of the project is the conceptual advancement of the Resource Nexus. Firstly, the project will support the development of the Resource Nexus Analytics, Informatics and Data (AID) Programme by setting up a working group and helping to develop the Resource Nexus Analysis Module, which shall feature tools and experts pertaining to areas such as System Dynamics Modelling. Secondly, the project will focus on the evaluation as to how urban water security is affected by climate change, and the necessary steps to effective adaptation. The expected output will be a framework based on indicators to measure water security and climate adaptation with a Resource Nexus perspective. This task shall form an aspect of the work of the Global Water and Climate Adaptation Center – Aachen, Bangkok, Chennai, Dresden (ABCD). Finally, the project shall promote awareness of the Resource Nexus, and its incorporation into conferences and capacity development activities. The aims and objectives of the project are connected to other projects that focus on the Resource Nexus, including the NEXtra project, the ABCD project, the agri-food PhD cohort, and lectures for the joint doctoral programmes at UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden. Moreover, the project shall address the conceptualisation and operationalisation of resilience; capturing the complexity of resilience with regard to Resource Nexus issues revealed within the agrifood supply chain.

This project is funded by core resources.

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