Berlin-ASEAN Member States Visit Dresden to Appreciate the Resource Nexus

ASEAN delegation led by Brunei's Ambassador visited Dresden to explore Resource Nexus practices in water management, biodiversity, and innovative cons

Dresden recently played host to a distinguished delegation from the ASEAN community, invited by Prof. Edeltraud Guenther, Director of UNU-FLORES. Led by Her Excellency Pengiran Hajah Krtini Pengiran Haji Tahir, Ambassador of Brunei and current Chair of the Berlin ASEAN Committee, the visit underscored the significance of the Resource Nexus approach in addressing critical global challenges.

The delegation's itinerary commenced with a visit to The Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre in Dresden, part of a collaborative effort spanning Aachen, Bangkok, Chennai, and beyond. This initiative exemplifies proactive measures in climate change adaptation, particularly focusing on water management and fostering dialogue on sustainable practices.

Highlighting biodiversity efforts through a Resource Nexus lens, the delegation explored Dresden Botanical Garden, home to an impressive array of 10,000 plant species. This visit underscored ongoing efforts to preserve biodiversity amid environmental challenges.

A notable stop was at the CUBE, an architectural milestone as the world's first carbon concrete building. This innovation not only reduces energy consumption in construction but also minimizes material use, leading to substantial CO2 savings—a pivotal step towards climate-friendly urban development.

At UNU-FLORES, ASEAN members engaged with doctoral researchers, learning about ongoing projects within their respective countries. This interaction facilitated a robust dialogue on advancing sustainable resource management practices.

The visit served as a platform for the Berlin ASEAN Committee and UNU-FLORES to explore potential collaborations and synergies. Participating ASEAN countries included Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, reflecting a shared commitment to sustainable development.