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Expert Adjunct Professor

Floor Brouwer

Floor Brouwer is an Adjunct Professor at UNU-FLORES, working primarily on the conceptual advancement of the Resource Nexus.

Expert Co-Director of POP

Dr. Alessio J. G. Brown

Dr. Alessio J.G. Brown is  Co-Director of POP at UNU-MERIT and Professor / Chair in Labour and Macroeconomics at Maastricht University.

Expert Associate Academic Officer - Implementation and Research

Sinja Buri

Sinja Buri leads the Climate Risk Finance Solutions Team at the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII), UNU-EHS’s division working on Climate Risk Finance & Insurance.

Expert Researcher

Dr. Bernardo Caldarola

Bernardo Caldarola is a Researcher at UNU MERIT and at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University, and an Associate Fellow at the Enrico Fermi Research Center in Rome.

Expert Celular Biologist Host Parasite Interaction.

Dr. Antonio Carrillo de Albornoz

Dr. Antonio Osuna Carrillo de Albornoz

Expert Senior Research Assistant

Joana Carvalho

Joana Carvalho is a Senior Research Assistant at the United Nations University (UNU-EGOV) since 2018.

Expert Adjunct Professor

João Álvaro Carvalho

João Álvaro Carvalho is an Adjunct Professor at the United Nations University (UNU-EGOV) since 2015.

Expert Adjunct Assistant Professor

Marco Catussi

Marco is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at UNU-EGOV and Assistant Professor at the University of Minho. He has led significant projects for DRCLAS, PHSSR, and the Ministry of Health in Brazil and has collaborated with IDB, PAHO, and the World Bank.

Expert Associate Programme Officer

Serena Caucci

Serena Caucci is an Associate Programme Officer at UNU-FLORES.

Expert Doctoral Researcher

Preeyaphat Chaiklang

Preeyaphat Chaiklang is a Doctoral Researcher in the Joint Ph.D. Programme in Integrated Management of Water, Soil, and Waste between Technische Universität Dresden and UNU-FLORES.

Expert Research Fellow, Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)

Dr. Sanaz Chamanara

Sanaz Chamanara  specializes in sustainability, supply chain management, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices.

Expert Senior Research Associate

Dr. Dipesh Chapagain

Dr. Dipesh Chapagain is a Senior Research Associate in the Global Mountain Safeguard Research (GLOMOS) programme at UNU-EHS Bonn since July 2023. The GLOMOS programme aims to enhance disaster risk reduction (DRR), climate change adaptation (CCA), and emergency response preparedness (ERP) in global mountains.

Expert Associate Programme Officer

Saroj Kumar Chapagain

Saroj Kumar Chapagain is an Associate Programme Officer (Sustainability Assessment) at UNU-FLORES.

Expert Associate Academic Officer

Dr. Ambe Emmanuel Cheo

Dr. Cheo works with the PACET Division at UNU-VIE. He is leading research on Water. in the context of Water Energy and Food Nexus, including Climate Change topics. He is also involved in strategic project development, acquisition of funds and project implementation.

Expert Visiting Fellow

Mark Cheong

Dr Mark Cheong  a Visiting Fellow at UNU-IIGH and a Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy, Monash University Malaysia.

Expert Doctoral Researcher

Simon Chidodo

Simon Chidodo is part of the Joint PhD Programme of UNU-FLORES and TU Dresde

Expert Student Assistant

Shwe Nue Ching

Shwe Nue Ching

Expert Research Fellow, Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Dr. Vishwas Chitale

Dr. Vishwas Chitale specialises in climate change adaptation and resilience in the Global South.

Expert Senior Research Assistant

Minjeong Choi

Minjeong Choi is a Senior Research Assistant at UNU-FLORES and contributes to research for the “Plastic Pollution in the Environment and Nexus Governance Solutions for Regulating the Single Use of Plastic” project.

Expert Researcher

Dr. Tommaso Ciarli

Tommaso Ciarli is a Researcher at UNU-MERIT.