Antonio Osuna Carrillo de Albornoz

Celular Biologist Host Parasite Interaction.

Degree in Biological Sciences, University of Granada
PhD in Biological Sciences Extraordinary Award, University of Granada

Dr. Antonio Osuna Carrillo de Albornoz

Graduate in Biology, Ministry Predoctoral Scholarship at the CSIC, Scholarship at Imperial College London, Dr. and extraordinary prize in 1978. Professor of Parasitology since 1987. He has developed his research activity in the study of biochemical and molecular aspects of parasites. Participated in 66 public financing projects, National, Regional, EU, NHI and linked to pharmaceutical companies in many of them (14 contracts). I have 19 National and International patents, 9 of them licensed. He has worked in research centers in the UK, France, Belgium and Argentina. He has collaborated with Supranational organizations UNESCO, UNU. Academic of the National Academy of Pharmacy. Evaluator of National and International Evaluation Committees (CICyT, Ministry of Education, Universities Council, ANECA, Univ. Lyon, CNRS (France) Colciencias, Conycet, CNAI, EU (DGXII), HCERES (France). Promoter of the University Biotechnology Research Institute of Granada, Director of said Institute. Promoter of the Quality Doctorate Program in Biotechnology that gave way to the Master in Biotechnology at the University of Granada and the Degree in Biotechnology at the UGr.