Expert Workshop on Public-Private Partnerships in Global Data Governance

Facilitating an exchange of perspectives on improved public-private partnerships in data governance.

- America/New York

This workshop will survey the major challenges to data sharing between private and public actors, and surface new approaches and solutions that can unlock access to data and support re-usability.

The workshop builds on recommendations included in the report of the High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism (HLAB), A Breakthrough for People and Planet, which supports a step change in international cooperation to address shared global challenges, advance the Sustainable Development Goals, and achieve a more effective, interconnected, and inclusive multilateral system.

The event brings together experts and practitioners working specifically on data governance to facilitate an exchange of perspectives on improved public-private partnerships in data governance.

While we have witnessed an exponential increase in data volumes over the past decade—from 2 zettabytes (one trillion gigabytes) to an estimated 175 zettabytes by 2025—only a fraction of this data is available to public and multilateral actors. Data sharing initiatives like the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX), an open platform comprising 300 organizations for finding and sharing data across crises, exemplify the power of data re-use in public settings. And new initiatives like the Industry Data for Society Partnership, which aims to make private sector data more open and accessible to address societal challenges, may point the way to new collaborative ways of working between the private and public sector in the delivery of global public goods.

This invitation-only event is organized by the United Nations University Centre for Policy Research (UNU-CPR) and the International Chamber of Commerce with the generous support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Global Challenges Foundation.

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