10 Year Anniversary

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UNU-CPR was established in 2014 as an independent think tank within the UN system. Over the past decade the Centre has carried out policy-focused research on issues of strategic interest and importance to the UN and its Member States, and is now a hub for policy innovation - prioritizing urgent policy needs that require innovative, practical solutions oriented toward immediate implementation and sustainability over the long term. 

This webpage celebrates the Centre's achievements and outputs and will evolve during the course of this year to reflect activities and events related to UNU-CPR's anniversary and the Centre's future plans as we continue to anticipate new and emerging challenges.   

A Decade of Innovation


A Breakthrough for People and Planet

In 2023, UNU-CPR provided input to the report of the High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism, outlining an ambitious plan to strengthen the multilateral system and ensure it is better positioned to address current and future challenges.

Key Outputs Since 2014


Conflict Prevention in the Era of Climate Change: Adapting the UN to Climate-Security Risks

Supporting the UN and its partners to develop climate-sensitive conflict prevention approaches.

10 Mar 2020


Conflict Prevention in the Sahel: Emerging Practice Across the UN

Supporting the UN’s understanding of the situation in the Sahel - and how it can better respond to current and emerging risks.

10 Jan 2019


Hybrid Conflict, Hybrid Peace: How Militias and Paramilitary Groups Shape Post-Conflict Transitions

The role of PGMs in conflict and post-conflict settings and how PGMs might help or hurt prospects for sustainable peacebuilding.

14 Apr 2020

Blog Post

Thematic Review on Climate-Security and Peacebuilding

A new Thematic Review identifies entry points and pathways for building peace and mitigating conflict in climate-affected and fragile environments.

15 Apr 2023


Earth Shattering: Financial Engagement at the Nexus of Modern Slavery and Natural Resources in Africa

Promoting synchronized action to tackle risks and abuses in cocoa production and gold mining value chains in Ghana.

10 Jan 2023


Developing Freedom

Establishing a clear case for the global development community to prioritize anti-slavery and anti-trafficking in development programming.

25 Jan 2021


The New Geopolitics of Converging Risks: The UN and Prevention in the Era of AI

The emerging impacts of AI convergence on the UN's prevention agenda.

03 Jan 2019


Cradled by Conflict: Child Involvement with Armed Groups in Contemporary Conflict

This report seeks to understand how and why children become associated with, are used, and exit non-state armed groups in contemporary conflict.

03 Feb 2018


Conflict Prevention and Resolution in a Multipolar World: Priorities for the G7

The G7 can more effectively reduce the risks of large-scale violent conflict through investments in multilateral peacemaking and peacebuilding.

04 Nov 2022

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A Blueprint for Mobilizing Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking

In 2019, UNU-CPR's Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST) initiative published the FAST Blueprint, identifying five goals towards which financial sector actors can work through individual and collective action to address modern slavery and human trafficking.