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UNU research focuses on the challenges faced by the United Nations and its Member States. Our current research portfolio supports all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015 to inspire global action to overcome the world’s biggest challenges.

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Project 09 Jul 2024

Interim Dresden Nexus Conference 2023 (DNCi 2023): A reality check at the regional level – The Implications of the CBD-COP15 for Saxony

The CBD-COP 15 outcomes aim at biodiversity preservation, with EU regulations supporting nature restoration. DNCi 2023 discusses regional implications.

Project 09 Jul 2024

Nexus Approaches to battery waste management for sustainable e-mobility transition: insights from Germany (NABATE)

The NABATE project analyzes end-of-life EV batteries in Germany, assessing waste streams, regulations, and recycling solutions for Korean stakeholders.

Project 30 Apr 2024

LDN4NAP: Supplement to the UNFCCC NAP Technical Guidelines on Promoting Synergy Between Efforts Addressing DLDD, the Achievement of LDN and the Process to Formulate and Implement NAPs

This project will develop a supplement for existing frameworks and plans towards achieving land degredation neutrality and planing adaptation.

Project 18 Mar 2024

FISPER: Guidelines for UNCCD Parties to make ecological restoration attractive in terms of financial inclusion and social protection

This project will develop guidelines to improve perceptions of ecological restoration and rehabilitation in terms of finance and social protection

Project 04 Apr 2023

Governance Models for Collaboration and Coordination in Public Sector Digital Transformation

The research project aims to develop a theory and a model of governance for e-Governance collaboration and coordination in different contexts.

Project 09 Jul 2024

Assessing resource nexus perspectives through land cover patterns in Southern Africa: Drivers and Implications for nature positive sustainable development

This project aims to analyze land cover changes in Southern Africa,employing a resource nexus perspective to design sustainable development strategies

Project 09 Jul 2024

Resilience and Resource Nexus in Food Systems: Case of Tea and Wheat Subsectors in Tanzania

The project investigates how geopolitical tensions and resource availability influence food system resilience in Tanzania to bolster food security strategies.

Project 09 Jul 2024

Mangrove Restoration Solutions based on Resource Nexus, Ecosystem Services and Community Interaction in Myanmar

The project in Myanmar examines mangrove deterioration causes, involves actors in restoration, and aims for sustainable coastal ecosystem outcomes.

Project 09 Jul 2024

Incorporating the Resource Nexus and Actor-centred analysis into Mangrove Management in Thailand

The project aims to analyze drivers and actors influencing mangrove management in Thailand, crucial for biodiversity and coastal protection.

Project 09 Jul 2024

Extended Cost-Benefit Analysis for Sustainable Green Transformation Programmes of Small and Medium Enterprises in South Asian Developing Countries.

This study examines green transformation in SMEs, identifying barriers, preferences, and effective policies for sustainable economies in South Asia.