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UNU research focuses on the challenges faced by the United Nations and its Member States. Our current research portfolio supports all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015 to inspire global action to overcome the world’s biggest challenges.

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Project 15 Mar 2024

DRM fact-finding mission in Mongolia and Cambodia with GIZ China

This project aims to provide technical knowledge on disaster risk management for Mongolia and Cambodia.

Project 15 Mar 2024

Assessing Financial Needs for Implementing UNCCD National Drought Plans and Drought-Related Processes

This project will assess the financial needs for drought processes and develop the case for preparation, mitigation and response to drought.

Project 15 Mar 2024

Contribution to the multi-actor partnership for pro-poor & gender-equitable climate risk financing in the context of the IGP's 2025 vision

This project looks to strengthen disaster management approaches in vulnderable developing countries through disaster risk finance and insurance.

Project 29 Jan 2024

ePART4GOV An Integrated Project Framework for e-Participation and Governance Mechanisms

The project helps KSA’s DGA to improve digital government by providing frameworks for governance, e-participation, regulation, and website evaluation.

Project 18 Mar 2024

FISPER: Guidelines for UNCCD Parties to make ecological restoration attractive in terms of financial inclusion and social protection

This project will develop guidelines to improve perceptions of ecological restoration and rehabilitation in terms of finance and social protection

Project 29 Jan 2024

Governance Models for Collaboration and Coordination in Public Sector Digital Transformation

The project aims to develop a theory and a model of governance for e-Governance collaboration and coordination in different contexts.

Project 17 Mar 2024

Enhancing Risk Assessments for improved country risk financing strategies (ERA)

This project aims to provide government partners in Egypt and Thailand with a new generation of risk assessments for developing their climate change adaptation.

Project 24 Jan 2024

Local Online Service Index (LOSI) Network

LOSI measures e-government in cities. LOSI Network expands the scope and analysis of local e-government. Brazil, Jordan, Palestine joined.

Project 29 Jan 2024

Accelerating the digital transformation of the public sector of Qatar

The project helps Qatar’s MCIT to improve digital transformation and EGDI by providing analysis, recommendations, advice, and capacity development.

Project 03 Feb 2024

Global Assessment of Responsible AI in cities (AI4Cities)

AI can help cities, but needs ethics, governance, and capacities. The project assesses how to use AI responsibly in urban settings.